Over its 30+ years of operations, Master Plastics has continually invested and re-invested into its people, services, & capabilities. 

Plastic Injection Molding

Master Plastics utilizes over 20 injection molding machines with tonnages ranging from 28 to 1000 Ton. We specialize in both precision parts, as well as large, complex parts.

Mold Design & Tooling

Master Plastics has capabilities to design tools from the ground up to suit the product needs. With our deep engineering talent, MP is able to create optimized mold designs through CAD and walk through part design for manufacturing (DFM) with our customers.

Engineering & Design

Engineering is at the foundation of what we do. With its team of experienced engineers, Master Plastics offers the highest level of support through

-Part Design & Development (2D & 3D Model Creation)

-Material selection, mold flow analysis & DFM

-Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

-Part enhancements & Cost Reduction Engineering

-Theoretical Modeling & Simulation

Assembly & Decoration

Master Plastics has always been involved in value-added services such as device assembly and part decoration. We offer secondary services such as welding, bonding, pad printing, leak testing, and more.